Gwen’s Blender Principle On Socioeconomic Unfairness

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My part­ner and I love to read. Because mov­ing in togeth­er, we’ve been unpack­ing and arrang­ing all our publications. We rec­om­mend textbooks to every oth­er and chuckle above the num­ber of dupli­cates lin­ing our cabinets. 

One author I have not but browse is Ter­ry Pratch­ett. My part­ner Remarkably rec­om­mends his guides (as do quite a few, lots of oth­ers). I’ll get all-around to read­ing them one day — espe­cial­ly mainly because one of his textbooks, Arms at Engage in, has a par­tic­u­lar­ly rel­e­vant quotation.  (I was initially intro­duced to this quotation on Red­dit, exactly where you see it pop up with alarm­ing frequency.)

The rea­son that the loaded were being so loaded, Vimes rea­soned, was for the reason that they man­aged to commit significantly less mon­ey.

Take boots, for exam­ple. He attained thir­ty-8 dol­lars a month in addition allowances. A real­ly very good pair of leather-based boots cost fifty dol­lars. But an afford­able pair of boots, which were form of Okay for a sea­son or two and then leaked like hell when the card­board gave out, value about 10 dol­lars. People had been the kind of boots Vimes generally acquired, and wore until the soles were being so slender that he could tell the place he was in Ankh-Mor­pork on a fog­gy evening by the really feel of the cob­bles.

But the issue was that good boots last­ed for yrs and several years. A man who could afford fifty dol­lars experienced a pair of boots that’d continue to be keep­ing his feet dry in ten years’ time, when the lousy male who could only afford low-priced boots would have spent a hun­dred dol­lars on boots in the exact same time and would even now have damp feet.

This was the Cap­tain Samuel Vimes ‘Boots’ the­o­ry of socioe­co­nom­ic unfairness.”

Y’all — it is expen­sive to be weak. And while I am considerably from very poor now, I remem­ber what it was like to have to fork out extra for crap­py items. It is cheap­er to buy toi­let paper in the big packs — but what if you just cannot manage the huge pack­age? What if you have no space to keep 30 rolls though you perform by means of them? You go acquire the small­er packs that charge significantly less upfront, but are far more expen­sive for every unit. When I was a kid, we could only find the money for to get me a pair of off-brand sneak­ers from Pay­less which invari­ably fell apart quicker, caus­ing my Mother to fork above far more mon­ey on anoth­er pair of shoes. Oth­er kid’s par­ents could afford to pay for to get them nicely-con­struct­ed shoes that last­ed right until they grew out of them. 

The cur­rent ver­sion of this dilem­ma I am fac­ing is with modest appli­ances. Blenders, specif­i­cal­ly. In keep­ing with my roots and the Mus­tachi­an com­mu­ni­ty, I try to buy as many issues pre-owned as pos­si­ble. New blenders are hor­rif­i­cal­ly expen­sive. So, I buy utilized. 

I scored a great offer on a blender final year at the “Mid­west­’s Largest Out­door Garage Sale” in the park­ing great deal of 6 Flags in March, appropriate prior to the entire world shut down from Covid. Great tim­ing, suitable?! I bought a Wolf­gang Puck Com­mer­cial blender for $40. What a steal! I enjoyed smooth­ies galore all year. 

But then, I moved. And I did­n’t use the blender a whole whole lot. When I went to use it for a smooth­ie the 1st time in the new property, it designed a low growl­ing sounds and did­n’t real­ly mix a great deal of any­thing. Kale chunks in smooth­ies are not opti­mal, btw. My diag­no­sis soon after search­ing on The Google was that the lubri­ca­tion on the inter­nal mech­a­nisms was gone. But there’s no way to crack open the unit and add extra, so it was effec­tive­ly dead. 

$40 for 1 yr of mixing. 

I went online and searched the Mar­ket­place on Face­book for a dif­fer­ent smooth­ie. This time I found a KitchenAid blender (affil­i­ate backlink) for $45. (It might’ve been stolen merchandise, but which is anoth­er sto­ry for anoth­er time.) Now I have a cool pur­ple blender to make my smooth­ies. Sor­ry, it is “bosen­ber­ry”.

theory of socialecnomic unfairness

But how prolonged is this one likely to last? Am I going to be in have to have of anoth­er blender this time future 12 months? At what point should really I stop buy­ing pre-loved blenders and fork over the mon­ey for a new, qual­i­ty blender? 

I’m like Vimes now. I’ve paid $85 for two blenders. Some­one who pays $300 for a Vita­mix will have a work­ing blender for yrs to appear, though I’ll be sur­round­ed by a grave­yard of bro­ken little appli­ances. Is it actu­al­ly significantly less waste­ful and cheap­er to buy a high-qual­i­ty blender upfront? The place is the line in blender obtaining? 

(If you are like me and have ques­tions in excess of when to get qual­i­ty goods and when to low-priced out, I high­ly rec­om­mend the Purchase It For Lifestyle Sub­red­dit. They have wonderful respons­es for peo­ple like me with ques­tions on opti­mal blender getting.)

Just for entertaining, right here is my just take on his concept:

The rea­son that the wealthy were being so prosperous, Gwen rea­soned, was simply because they man­aged to expend considerably less mon­ey.

Acquire blenders, for exam­ple. She experienced just one hun­dred dol­lars left­over in her bud­get each individual thirty day period. A real­ly very good Vita­mix blender expense three hun­dred dol­lars. But an afford­able blender, which worked okay for a year or two prior to crap­ping out, expense about forty dol­lars. That was the variety of blender Gwen normally bought, and used till her smooth­ies turned increas­ing­ly full of chunks of kale.

But the factor was that a good Vita­mix blender last­ed for years and years. A per­son who could find the money for 3 hun­dred dol­lars experienced a blender that’d still be effort­less­ly churn­ing out smooth­ies in 10 years’ time, when the poor per­son who could only manage applied blenders would have expended four hun­dred dol­lars on blenders in the identical time and would still have smooth­ies with chunks of kale in them.

This was Gwen’s ‘Blender’ the­o­ry of socioe­co­nom­ic unfairness.”

As generally, thanks for read­ing! What is your “buy it for life” prod­uct rec­om­men­da­tion! Seem off in the com­ments below!