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The Rotoscope filter was invented on TikTok earlier in 2022. Prior to the creation, many buyers are utilised to manually modifying their video clips into vibrant silhouettes. Below, we have reviewed how to get rid of the Rotoscope filter on TikTok.

The Rotoscope filter was created in before 2022 by @icetut on TikTok. His well known video clip using the Rotoscope filter edit of him dancing garnered over 49 million views.

The TikTok user’s animation of the Rotoscope impact was accomplished body by body. As a consequence, TikTok moved to make the animation into a filter. Henceforth, the filter has been in use and hundreds of TikTok consumers have documented obtaining tried it.

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Applying the Rotoscope filter is uncomplicated. If you are just listening to about the function and would adore to try out it out, merely abide by this quick guidebook in 3 quick actions underneath.

How to Use Rotoscope filter on TikTok

  1. Start the TikTok application on your gadget and go to the Find tab.
  2. Future, from the research bar at the leading of the screen, search for Rotoscope. You will see it beneath Outcomes. Faucet on it, then faucet on Test this result or faucet directly on the recording icon in entrance of it.

    Search for Rotoscope
    Search for Rotoscope

  3. Now, record a movie of your self and nod your head to activate the filter. The filter now turns you into a colourful silhouette.

    Tap try this effect or the recording icon
    Tap test this result or the recording icon

Make sure you, kindly observe that the effect presents flashes of gentle to a video clip and can result in seizures. In light-weight of this, you are encouraged to prevent the filter if you happen to be photosensitive.

You get a colourful silhouette
You get a colourful silhouette

Also, some TikTok end users have reported that the Rotoscope filter has failed to function for them. A simple repair for this is to basically reinstall TikTok.

How to Remove the Rotoscope Filter on TikTok

Even so, just before continuing to reinstall, be certain you are not in near proximity to your cell phone. Transfer away a little bit so that your encounter can be detected.

Being far too near to your gadget will prevent the app from detecting your encounter. A lot more so, you may possibly encounter getting the filter only utilized to your deal with and not your entire body.

If you have tried this filter and feel not to like it, you can get rid of it from your online video. The future dialogue will support you to take out the Rotoscope filter in two effortless techniques.

If you have a video in which you have applied the filter and will appreciate to proceed to take out it, kindly proceed making use of this information down below.

How to Eliminate Rotoscope filter on TikTok

  1. Faucet the report button to pause the video clip with the Rotoscope outcome.

    Tap the record button
    Tap the document button

  2. Upcoming and eventually, faucet Outcomes, and then, the terminate icon.Tap Effects and then cancel icon

After you tap on the terminate icon, the Rotoscope influence is removed from your video.

How to Remove the Rotoscope Filter on TikTok

Observe that, you can only clear away the TikTok filter from your online video. The outcome can only be taken out from movies recorded by other TikTok buyers them selves and when they are still recording it.

Besides, the Rotoscope filter is a colourful silhouette. As a outcome, preferred hacks such as the enhance in exposure, brilliance and highlights won’t function in this scenario.


The Rotoscope result was created by @icetut in his popular TikTok dance video. The filter can be removed by merely subsequent the methods talked about below.

Please, bear in intellect that the Rotoscope filter simply cannot be removed from an existing TikTok movie.

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How to Remove the Rotoscope Filter on TikTok

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