Make Revenue From Your Window

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Make money from your window. At MoneyMagie we love a side hustle (we in fact have a whole section of our site dedicated to them here) and at the moment they are actually needed more and more than ever. Therefore hearing that we are able to make a thousand pounds from our window got our money making juices flowing.

247 Blinds’ recent survey of 2,000 people found that 1 in 3 Brits have a side-hustle alongside their main job.

This survey found that 38% of people have considered a passive income in the last two years and with the cost of living rising side-hustles are becoming an increasingly popular way to avoid financial stress.

If you’re looking for the perfect side-hustle opportunity to earn £1,000 cash alongside your current job, then look no further. As long as your home has windows visible to passers-by, this job will be right up your street.

247 state that “We’re on the hunt for three side-hustle-hungry homeowners to display our 247 Blinds roller blind advert in their homes, spreading the word about our high quality window dressings around your neighbourhood.”

Successful applicants will receive our specially designed blind advert to display in their window for four weeks. The job will begin during the month of June and will take place in your own home – it’s as simple as just fitting the blind and displaying our ad for 12 hours a day!

How to apply

If this sounds like a great window of opportunity, get your application in below, before the 24th of May…